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More Information About The Barmy Army...

The Barmy Army is an organised group of cricket fans which organises touring parties of its members to follow the English cricket team on all of its overseas tours. The group acquired its name during the 1994 - 1995 Test series in Australia and has represented the England fans on every tour since. The Barmy Army has the stated goal "To make watching cricket more fun and much more popular". The group uses flags, banners, songs and chants to encourage the team and crowd participation in their activities.

In contrast to the reputations of some sports fans for hooliganism, the Barmy Army organises itself thoroughly and actively discourages any unsavoury behaviour. The group engages in charity work, and has a good reputation among cricket administrators and among some other fans. However, some cricket followers find the loud, repetitive chanting of the Barmy Army to be annoying, lowbrow and disruptive and veteran cricket writer and commentator Christopher Martin-Jenkins has accused the Army of "demeaning English cricket".

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